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11th Annual Autumn Show,
Pinchmill Village Hall,
Felmersham 13, Sept 2009

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Local Brownies enjoying the inflatable at a Luton Party.
September 2009

Harvest decoration.
St Mary's Church. Sept 09

Harvest decoration.
St Mary's Church. Sept 09

Autumn seed drilling in Felmersham. Sept 09
 See the Video (5Mb)

Slimy stuff on the Ouse at Pinchmill islands.
Photo: Gordon Lang Sept 09

Autumn Sunset.
River Ouse, Felmersham Oct 09

Brownies hand made drag racers
Photo: Peter Rankin. Oct 09

Radwell Sunset
by Linda Rance.  Oct 09

Radwell Sunrise
by Linda Rance.  Oct 09

Remembrance Sunday Nov 09
On Saturday 19 September 2009 David Foot of Felmersham married Brooke Curtis at Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire.   Photo: Hilary Foot

George Brown verger at Felmersham church for 43 years at his presentation. Nov. 09

People leaving Felmersham Church. Published in
John Bull 17 April 1954. Nov 09

Pinchmill Players Theatre produced "When We Are Married" by J B Priestly in 1988. For the production the village Hall was transformed into a theatre.
The photograph shows Elizabeth Stevens and Colin Minton.
Nov 09

View from Felmersham church tower looking east along
Church End. December 09

Carlton Road, Felmersham
on Friday 18 December 2009

One of 720,000 cold weather migrants from Scandinavia. Photographed taken by Paul Davis in his garden. Dec 09

10 years on
Our millennium yew tree was planted as part of the millennium celebrations on the 1st Jan 2000. In 2008 it was vandalised by pulling out the stake which shredded the top 2 feet thus reducing it to a millennium "bush"! 31Dec 09

Frozen Nature Reserve.
Photograph taken by
Gordon Lang. Jan 10

Musical Instruments made by John Mcvey and on display in Felmersham church.
Photo: John Mcvey Jan 10

Somewhere over the rainbow.
Photo: John Mcvey Jan 10

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