The Parish in Autumn - 2013
An autumn scene photographed in or near the Parish of Felmersham and Radwell.
All the photographs published below were entered in the competition.

First: Lest We Forget
An unusual slant on autumn which captures the solemnity of the occasion and the participation of the young generation. Strong directional lighting puts the subject in the shade, but not quite a silhouette so some detail preserved, particularly on the memorial.
Second: End of Season Town Lot Allotments
It is unusual composition showing the first signs of autumn colours, late flowering summer cosmos and an allotment shed decked in faded bunting and a union jack presumably from earlier celebrations of the diamond jubilee or the Olympics. The photograph has a great depth of field.
Third: Ready for Winter
Good unusual composition with obvious autumnal colours. Good lighting, good depth of field, contrast in the woodpile and a nice sky.
Fourth: Felmersham Floods (2)
Good composition of a well recognised Felmersham scene. Good autumnal colours and strong directional lighting. Sky has the hint of texture and colour. Would have been improved if the figures on the causeway were nearer and the slight left tilt had been corrected.

Barry Welsh
Lest we forget

Laurie Jones
End of Season - Town Lot Allotments   Second

Laurie Jones
Ready for Winter

Chris Whitham
Felmersham Floods 2


Michael Hunt
Felmersham Floods 1

Chris Whitham
View from Radwell Bridge

Michael Hunt
Radwell Floods

Anthea Coghlan
Nature Reserve 2
Anthea Coghlan
Nature Reserve 1

Photographs judged by Peter Hartop. The non-placed photographs are in no particular order.

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