If you live in Felmersham and Radwell and have a photograph (or two) you would like to share with others in the parish then why not post it on this page? The photograph can be of any subject for example, people, nature, buildings and landscape and, if possible, of local interest.
Email your photo to: webmaster*felmersham.net [replace the * with @] and please enter PHOTOS IN FOCUS in the subject line using upper case.  Please give your photo a title and it would be nice to have some background information.

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Autumn Fields
A view of undulating Felmersham countryside between the Pavenham ridge and Daisy Bank in November. Photo: Paul Davis

Going Home
After a hard morning at the working party.
Felmersham Nature Reserve.

 Photo: Paul Davis

Lonely Swan
Gliding around Felmersham Nature Reserve on a December morning. Photo: Paul Davis

Morning Light on a Willow
The River Ouse about to flood
 Photo: Paul Davis

Smoke on the Water
After the working party had worked out, the big lake, Felmersham Nature Reserve
Photo: Paul Davis

Winter Scene
Felmersham Nature Reserve
Photo: Laurie Jones

Classic Collection
- Felmersham Style
The display of classical cars at the parish Autumn Show and Fair 2006. Photo: Paul Davis

Reflective Grebe
This is a typical sighting of a great crested grebe cruising close to the hide on the main lake at Harrold Country Park.

Photo: Paul Davis

Two Churches
The spires of Chellington (L) and Harrold (R) churches come into view just above Hill Farm.

Photo: Paul Davis

Messing About in Boats
Enjoying a summer’s day on the day on the river, just below Odell Mill.
Photo: Paul Davis

Stout Willows
Looking North over the Ouse Valley toward Odell.
Photo: Paul Davis

Swanney River
Two Swans enhance this peaceful, summer river scene at Odell.

Photo: Paul Davis

Ship Shape
In the summer a group of "retired gentlemen" from the parish enjoyed a cruise down the River Ouse in a member's boat.  Photo: Ken Shrimpton

East Window
St Mary's Church
More on East Window
Photo: Laurie Jones

The Breakfast Seekers
One of the delights of living in Felmersham is the opportunity to take an early morning walk to Harrold Country Park and enjoy a good English breakfast in the Café in the Park.
These early breakfast seekers have taken the route via the river meadows just beyond Horsefair Lane, Odell.
Photo: Paul Davis

Vanishing Pond
Photographed in August 2004, this pond dried up in the drought of 2006. At the end of 2006, it has started to refill but, so far, only to less than half the level shown here. It is to be found just below Freer’s Wood on the Southern side of footpath A7.
Photo: Paul Davis

Buttercup Meadow
Between Pavenham and Chellington, footpath A7 goes through this delightful meadow.

Photo: Paul Davis

Shetland Sheep in Felmersham
A small flock of pedigree Shetlands residing in the parish. Photo: Oliver Hudson


Early Risers
Dawn breaks over a small
flock of Shetland sheep in Radwell. December 2006.
Photo: Oliver Hudson

Felmersham Bridge at High Tide
A down stream photo of Felmersham bridge taken during the January 2007 floods.
Photo: Ian & Margaret Coomber

Pinchmill Footpath
A Footpath near Pinchmill Islands during the January 2007 floods.
Photo: Ian & Margaret Coomber

Fast flowing water at
Felmersham bridge January 2007

Photo: Ian & Margaret Coomber

Over Felmersham cricket field,
early morning January 2007

Photo: Ian & Margaret Coomber

Big Freeze of '79
The young Davis family enjoying a slippery walk across the big lake at Felmersham nature reserve. In Jan '79 the overnight temperature plummeted to -19C
Photo: Paul Davis
Winter Floods at Dusk Felmersham - January 2007. Photographs: Laurie Jones

Cosy Cat
Local cat makes itself comfy in the nose section of a Vampire jet plane. Photo: John McVey

Bagpipe Man
Photo: John McVey

Winter Morning
Felmersham Church. Feb 09
Photo: Paula Turvey

Townlot Allotments
in early morning snow
Photograph: Peter Dilley Dec 09


A quiet road on the way to work
Radwell raised walkway in the early morning winter sun and snow.
Photograph: Peter Dilley Dec 09

Hungry Starlings
Photographed by Gordon Lang Jan 2011
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