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Neighbourhood Watch
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The Neighbourhood Watch web site is updated weekly.
It gives details of crime in rural North Bedfordshire and preventative measure that can be taken in order to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of crime


Felmersham and Radwell
   Policing in the Parish Neighbourhood Watch

Policing in the Parish

There are no longer any PCSO’s based at Riseley covering the Villages North of Bedford. The PCSO’s that were there have either become full time police officers moving to other areas or have left. The intention is to cover the villages with a mixture of Specials and Bedfordshire full time police. At this time (May 2016) there are only 1 or 2 specials that partly cover this area, so Riseley Police Station is unmanned. The phones at Riseley now ask you not to leave any messages but to call 101. Riseley is still the postal address for Neighbourhood Watch where mail is collected weekly.

Click here for info on bogus callers.

Neighbourhood Watch

The Neighbourhood Watch scheme is alive and well and can still continue to help every resident of Felmersham and Radwell. It was known as Homewatch but is now known as Neighbourhood Watch in line with national practice. The funding has now changed so the amount of leaflets and flyers are less but its purpose and practice is still the same.

How can Neighbourhood Watch help you?

ö Cheaper House insurance. A Neighbourhood Watch scheme entitles all householders to a discount on house policies. If your company does not offer one consider changing to one which does.

ö Community Cooperation. A Neighbourhood Watch scheme encourages people to look out for each other. It is not a snooper’s charter but a friendly eye on an empty house or the report of a suspicious vehicle which can prevent break-ins.

ö By being a good neighbour and keeping an eye out for anything suspicious, you and help make your community safer and feel more secure.

ö By joining Neighbourhood Watch, you will become part of one of the most successful and long-standing schemes in the whole country'

ö Ringmaster - Crime alerts by telephone or e mail.
If you wish up to date information about local burglaries, dubious traders in unmarked vans, tarmac scams or other lawbreakers register with the Neighbour Watch central office on (01234) 842043.  Information is now distributed by joining the “Alert” system and all residents are recommended to join. Visit the website and click on join, or phone 01234 842861 and request a form. Once registered you will receive a welcome pack. The police also produce local statistics (2 months old) on website

ö Both villages are divided among a group of volunteer coordinators.

Coordinators for Felmersham:

Area Coordinator



Dave Girling



Street Coordinators



Rosemary Drewery


Marriotts Close, Town Lot Lane, Hunts Lane, Carlton Road, Grange Road, Tithe Barn & The High Road (the east side).

Dave Girling


Pavenham Road & The Slip.



The High Road (the west side including Hensmans Close) & Trinity Close

Maggie Spoor


Church End, Memorial Lane & The Old Road


More Volunteers are needed for Felmersham




Volunteers Coordinators for Radwell:

Area Co-ordinator



Paul Keeble



Street Co-ordinators



Paul Keeble:


Top end of Moor End Road & Moor End Lane

Val Horrell


Bottom end of Moor End Road, The Green and Bridge End

Helen King


Felmersham Road

Neighbourhood Watch News

More volunteers are needed for Felmersham

It is an interesting and worthwhile way to help the community. The street coordinator role is not exacting and it is a good way to get to know fellow villagers and to keep in touch with village life, however the present coordinators cover more houses than envisaged and it would be helpful to have more street coordinators to share the roads. In addition some houses and roads are not presently covered and are therefore not officially part of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme. The main activities are maintaining a first point of contact with the police and attending the occasional meeting, but they do not replace either the non-emergency 101 number or the 999 emergency number. Please contact Dave Girling for details.

Contact details for

Contact details are available on the new Bedfordshire WEB site: or you can leave a message on the Bedford Rural NW voice mail system at Riseley 01234 842861 which is regularly monitored. Smartwater is available at a reduced rate for NW registered members, details on the above site under “Initiatives”.

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