Town Lot Charity
Allotments for the parishioners of Felmersham and Radwell
Parishioners of Felmersham and Radwell can rent an allotment of land at the top of Town Lot Lane on the right hand side. Those who are interested in renting, 10 poles or more, should contact one of the Trustees or Geoff Hulatt. The area of land available is 5 acres, 1 rood, 11 poles.
Town Lot Trustees (also known as Poor's Estate)
The Vicar (ex-officio), two Churchwardens (ex-officio) and an elected representative of the Parish Council. An honorary secretary/treasurer is also appointed. In 2011/12 the trustees are: Rev Robert Evens, Jane Wells, Ken Shrimpton and Peter Hartop. The Honorary Secretary/Treasurer: David Folbigg. Allotment Coordinator: Geoff Hulatt.
The annual income from the charity is distributed to 12 senior members of the parish in the form of a Christmas present. Once a person benefits from the charity they continue to do so. One fourteenth part of the annual income goes to St Mary's church.

History of the Town Lot Charity
Taken from Felmersham - The History of a Riverside Parish by kind permission of the author.

John Leach died in 1687 and is buried in the north transept of the church. He was lord of Felmersham manor and a member of the Middle Temple. On the 15 October 1695 a conveyance was drawn up between his widow, Judith Leach, who at the time was living in London, and the vicar and churchwardens. The conveyance transferred just over 5 acres of land to be held in trust to rent out the premises, using the profits to be equally divided once a year amongst the 12 most needy women of Felmersham End.

In 1765 the trustees benefited from the enclosure award insofar as it consolidated the six scattered strips of arable and the 2 acres of meadowland, into one holding situated on the right hand side of Town Lot Lane. Originally known as Rowland Field it is now more commonly known as Town Lot. (Town, in this context meaning village and Lot, meaning allotment.) In 1910 the trust deed was changed to include men as well as women, with one fourteenth part of the income going to the church.

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