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Walk Leaflets - Downloads

Bedfordshire Parish Paths Partnership (known as P3) is a partnership between Bedford Borough Council and the local Parish Councils. The purpose of the partnership is to promote the enjoyment of the countryside through the active involvement of local parish groups. This is achieved by the two main aims of P3:
●  to improve and promote the public rights of way network
  •  to enhance the local countryside for wider use
Felmersham and Radwell P3 Group
The local Felmersham and Radwell P3 Group is under the leadership of Carol Stork and is supported by Felmersham and Radwell Parish Council. Members of the group are shown on the right.

Two local walks leaflets have recently been produced. The first is a guide to footpaths around Felmersham and Radwell and the second is a "Three Churches Walk" visiting the churches of Felmersham, Sharnbrook and Odell. Copies are available from the Sun, the Church and the Village Hall or as a download.

Walks Leaflet - Downloads

New members are always welcome for details contact Carol or any other member.

P3 group photograph. Standing L to R: Ken Shrimpton, Kitty Warburton, Chris Ure, Liz Conibere, Mark Percival, Danny Mariner.
Sitting L to R: Neil and Paula Turvey and Coral Stork - Chairman.
Other group members not in the photo: Brian Conibere, Brigette Mariner, Peter Hartop

Carol Stork - Chairman of P3
Click here for P3 Annual Report - March 2010
P3 Brunch Walk - 8 February 2009

The P3 walked to Pavenham via Radwell to join Pavenham and Felmersham Cricket Club in their annual Sunday brunch in Pavenham Village Hall. Over 100 people sat down to a very well organised cooked breakfast with all the essential extras including champagne and a Sunday newspaper!

The group thoroughly enjoyed walking in the snow.

Photos: Carol Stork

Breakfast Walk - September 2008
The Group walked to Harrold/Odell Country Park where most ate a hearty full English breakfast and returned via Odell, Church Lane and Woodend Plantation.
At times the walk was a little wet underfoot, which was not unusual for the 2008 summer!
Photos: Peter Hartop 7/9/08
Wildflower Walk - June 2008

The Felmersham and Radwell P3 group would like to say a very big thank you to Laurie Jones, lifelong botanist and Felmersham resident, for guiding an enthusiastic group of around a dozen villagers around the botanical wonders of Harrold Odell Country Park on Saturday 14th June.
On this occasion the emphasis was much more on the natural history than the walking and within a few metres of setting off, the group had eagerly ticked around 10 plant species on their checklist. Laurie opened our eyes to the beauty of many of the common plants that we tend to walk past without noticing, but which are well worth closer inspection.
Some of the botanical highlights of the morning were the pretty campions, cranesbills and speedwell and the three orchid species: the bee orchid; common spotted; and the rarer (and much harder to spot!) twayblade. A total of nearly 40 species were ticked off our list over the course of the walk.

After a fascinating couple of hours, the group retired to the cafe for a well earned cuppa and all agreed that they’d learned a huge amount and were inspired to continue plant spotting in the future. 
Carol Stork, P3 Group Chairman and Co-ordinator.

Laurie Jones takes a closer look
Beating The Bounds
Paula Turvey Writes: The weather forecast predicted "Heavy Showers" but because of a lull in the downpours eleven brave souls turned up at the appointed hour, ready to "Beat the Bounds" of our Parish.
We were disappointed at the total lack of village youths, as tradition demanded that they should be beaten and/or held upside down and pounded on the parish boundary markers, or dunked in any available trough/river along a boundary.
We curtailed our original route by mutual consent (most of us by this time had soaking wet trousers and boots). However, our spirits remained high as we traversed the Ridgeway and stopped to admire the view out over Harrold /Odell and to take the group photo (by Carol Stork).
Some of our group decided that enough was enough and headed home when we reached the Pavenham Road, most however marched determinedly on across the Golf Course, admiring another fine view of Bedfordshire before descending towards Radwell.
Unfortunately, the weather turned to torrential rain as we waved goodbye to our Radwellian walkers Chris, Elaine and Beau their dog. The rest of us trooped soggily home bowed but ironically not beaten.
Did I enjoy the walk? Strangely, yes.

Come and Join Us!

If you live in Bedfordshire and you are interested in joining or forming a P3 group then contact Steve Halton the P3 officer for Bedfordshire County Council on Bedford 228759.
If you wish to join the Felmersham and Radwell Group then contact Carol Stork Tel: 782769

Walks Leaflets

As well as being available Online, the walks leaflets are currently on distribution locally through the following outlets:

Bedford Tourist Information Centre; Sandy Tourist Information Centre; Podington Garden Centre; Milton Ernest Garden Centre; The Priory Marina, Bedford; The RSPB, Sandy; Harrold-Odell Country Park; the churches in Felmersham and Sharnbrook; Sharnbrook Post Office; The Sun, Felmersham; The Swan, Radwell; and the Olney Museum.
Dawn Chorus Walk
Felmersham P3 Group organised a Dawn Chorus Walk starting at 4.15am on Saturday 15 May 2004. Twenty Five people were led by a local expert in bird-song. Afterwards breakfast was served in the garden of a P3 group member.

 Photo by David Cardy.

Working Parties
Above: Peter Hartop with Marigold and John Sykes.
Right: Neil Turvey and Brian Conibere

They are busy stapling chicken wire onto the steps of parish styles. The intention is to reduce the likelihood of walkers slipping when climbing the style. Two years ago a walker slipped whilst climbing the above style and seriously cut her leg. The styles are typical of the many well maintained and marked styles in the parish. November 2005

Bedfordshire County Council are improving access to the countryside by replacing styles with kissing gates. The work is undertaken locally by BTCV.
Click onto logo for more details on BTCV.

The group gave parishioners a break from the very early Dawn Chorus walk this year - and opted instead for a `Beating the Bounds' walk on Sunday 21st May. The forecasted heavy rain on the day kept some walkers away, but a hardy group of 11 of us - plus Beau the dog - persevered and completed most of the planned course before wet feet sent us home to ponder on just how lengthy the Parish boundary really is! Paula Turvey's excellent article on the walk made it into the Autumn/Winter newsletter from Beds County Council's Countryside Access Service.

Having missed a couple of years, the P3 group once again hosted a stand at last year's Village Show and Fair on 17th September - and promoted local walks through a tricky photo-ID competition for the adults and a simpler treasure hunt for the younger visitors to the stand. The small amount of funds raised were donated to Village Hall funds. . To round off the calendar year, the traditional Boxing Day Walk led by Ken Shrimpton, was this year
promoted under the P3 banner.

Carol Stork, P3 Co-ordinator.  March 2007

BTCV have improved the access to Pinchmill Islands by trimming back trees and clearing overgrown areas. The junction of the two bridges, pictured above, has also been improved.

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