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River sunset
River Ouse, Felmersham

Festival 2020 banner
on the lych-gate of
St Mary's Church,

During the Coronavirus pandemic the Sun Pub will also trade as a  Shop, Takeaway and Delivery service. It is open from
Call 01234 781355
 webmaster Ken Shrimpton with Shirley Stevens. Shirley was evacuated from Charlton, London in 1940. During her stay, her mother passed away, so Shirley remained with Ken's family until her father was demobbed from the Army in 1947. 
Both Ken and Shirley are carrying gas masks, circa 1941.

A VE Day street party in Park Road, Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes, May 1945. webmaster, Ken Shrimpton, was "born and bred" in Park Road and he remembers the Street Party. There was a second street party on VJ Day in August 1945. For the curious, the box helping to support the table is actually an upside-down soapbox! It reads: Cooperative/CWS/ SOAPS/? Note the gas light fixed to the wall of the house on the right. The families father worked for the gas company.

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Felmersham and Radwell evacuees arriving at
Bedford Railway Station, 1940.

The Mayor of Bedford welcomes these boys who are all from the same school in Eastbourne. The boy with the large white bag is Derek Simpson. Derek and his 6 year old brother were evacuated to Victoria Cottage, in the High Road. Click Here to read Derek Simpson's recollections together with photos.

St Mary's Church, West Front restored in 1991.
By 1991 the West Front of St. Mary's church had perished to such an extent that immediate action was required. Repair to the string coarse (immediately above the arcading) a decade or so earlier, had prevented further ingress of water, however repair had become essential. Funds were raised from within the parish from generous parishioners and grants, including English Heritage (now Historic England). 

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