Pinchmill Primary School
The Old Road, Felmersham, Bedford. MK43 7JD
Telephone: 01234 781371  Fax: 01234 783128

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Set in tranquil surroundings Pinchmill Primary School was opened in 1974 as a Lower School however as from August 2017 it became a Primary School. The local environment is rich in natural and historical resources including a nearby nature reserve and Pinchmill Islands from which the school takes its name.
    Head Teacher: Mrs Vanessa Coleman    Business Manager: Mrs Krystal Perry
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A Letter from the Head Teacher

Welcome to Pinchmill Primary School where we are proud of our school, every child in it and every one of our successes. Our aim is that each child should strive for excellence and reach their full potential, it is our mission to enable this!

We believe that the years in our school are a vital step in the journey and the future of our children. These years lay the foundations for future learning and develop an attitude towards learning which will last a lifetime. Choosing a school that is right for your child is essential for you and your child's future. We encourage all prospective parents to come and visit the school where you will be able to see how we teach and learn, find out about the ethos of the school, discover how the schools 'works' and gain an insight into the opportunities that your child will have at Pinchmill.

It is our aim to provide every child with a happy, positive and productive learning experience, through the environment and the learning opportunities. Every child is encouraged and supported to do and be the best that they can be. We create a curriculum which is exciting, stimulating, balanced and broadly based. There are constant opportunities and experiences where each child can develop their knowledge, concepts, skills and understanding. The curriculum also promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of each child and prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of future life.
We are an inclusive school and everyone is welcome, this is particularly important in preparing the children for the world outside school. Respect, care and courtesy are a priority for adults and children in the school, along with many other values that are essential in preparing for life after school.

Learning is most effective, rapid and stimulating when parents are involved and interested in their child's activities and in the work of the school. Here at Pinchmill we foster a family ethos, encouraging and welcoming parents' support in the education of their child. We offer opportunities throughout the year for you to be involved in their learning, and welcome visitors and support in school if you have any free time. We also believe that being part of our local community is essential, we take part in many events in partnership with the community and involve them in events that take place in school. We also have close links with the local church and hold several events there each year. The partnership that we build together is essential for your child's future here and beyond!

I hope you have found this useful as an introduction to Pinchmill and would be delighted to welcome you for a visit. We aim to provide you with any information that you require, tell you as much as we can about the school and why we believe it is special. Hopefully the website will help with this, but should you require further information please feel free to ask!

Pinchmill School Consultation Report.  Click Here to view the Report on Pinchmill School consultation on changing the school age range from 2017 onwards.

Pinchmill School Association (PSA)
Pinchmill School Association (PSA) is a group of parents who organise fundraising activities for Pinchmill Lower School. These range from Quiz Nights to 70's discos and sponsored walks. We also provide practical support for school events, such as teas and cakes after assemblies and sports days etc.

Over the past years the PSA have raised funds towards school library and reading books; a living willow structure, picnic benches and lines for the playground; a wooden playhouse and play boat, and many more items which are all appreciated by children and staff alike. PSA Contact: Krystal Perry

Pinchmill School Association Christmas Fayre

School History

A school has stood in Felmersham since 1846 when the National School was built  opposite the church in The High Road. It had a single classroom with outside toilets which gave off an 'unbearable' smell. The early school also suffered from a lack of heating, poor lighting and no ventilation. In 1912, a temperature of two degrees below freezing was recorded in the classroom.

The Education Act of 1870 authorised (but did not require) the local authorities to compel children to attend school between the ages of 5 and 13. The school was therefore extended in 1869, by the addition of a gallery, to accommodate the increased number of children.
However, in the 1880's the school was still insufficient in size to accommodate the 90-100 children. The classroom was partitioned in order to separate the children and reduce the level of noise. During the second world war the school population increased again when children were evacuated from the large cities to country areas like Felmersham.
In the early days many of the children were kept away from school because the parents could not afford the fees, which were abolished in 1891, or because they were needed to work on the land or in the home.

The school extension opened by Alistair Burt MP
13 May 2005.

It was during the Second World War that Felmersham and Radwell began fund raising for a village hall but the fund stagnated. With the proposed replacement in the early seventies of the village school a unique opportunity presented itself for a joint venture, whereby the new facility would combine the new school with a village hall. Fund raising within the community provided the village share of the 86,000 building costs and the school and village hall opened in September 1974. Taking the name Pinchmill from the archipelago of islands in the River Ouse, the school was named Pinchmill Lower School.
A new portable classroom was added in 2004 (removed in 2016) and in 2005 the school was again extended to accommodate a new library, art-room, ICT room and the classrooms were extended. In November and December 2016 two new classrooms were added to plan for the change in August 2017 when the school became a primary school known as Pinchmill Primary School.

Pinchmill School Photo circa 1985 (Photo: Jean Pritchard)

Six Pinchmill School Staff circa 1977.

Left to Right

Back Row:  Sue Webster       ?       Mary Franklin
Front Row: Janet Eyre, Bob Shore, Jean Pritchard

(Photo: Jean Pritchard)


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