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Springtime - Rev David Mason
Once again I am writing this on a very pleasant Spring day. The ground is beginning to get quite dry, unusually for this season there has been very little rain, a great contrast from earlier in the year. The fighting is now over in Iraq, we hope and pray that this sad and battered country and its people may now move forward and develop into a peaceful and successful nation, able to use wisely the great resources that are available there.

At Easter we celebrated again the wonderful story of the resurrection, of how the powers of this earth thought that they had destroyed all that Jesus stood for as they executed him on the cross. But Jesus rose from death, and proved that there was indeed life after death. Jesus commissioned the disciples to continue his work of bringing the good news of God's Kingdom. Since then the followers of our Lord have worked to take the gospel message to all, and sought to establish God's kingdom here. It has been long, slow work with successes and failures, and there is still a long way to go. As members of the Church of Christ, we have the duty and the joy to continue that work, knowing that it is the only way that we can all live in peace together, and share the good things that God has given us.

The church was decorated very beautifully for the Easter services, and on your behalf I thank all those who have done so much for the church. Throughout the year there is a band of volunteers who keep the church clean and tidy, maintain the fabric, lock or unlock the doors, provide and arrange the flowers and perform all the other tasks that keep the church in such a good condition. And then there are all those who work to maintain the worship, the organist and the choir, the readers and intercessors, sacristan and chalice assistants. It is a tribute to you all that we have such favourable comments from those who visit the church for services or to look at the building.

London Marathon - Chris Capps
I would like to thank everyone who sponsored me in the London Marathon. The day was brilliant with so much support from all the spectators right along the route. My time was 4 hours and 45 seconds, which for my first marathon was not bad, especially as the day was so hot. I do not yet have the final amount I have collected for the Tuberous Sclerosis Association, but it will be just over 2,500. Thank you once again.

Useful Contacts
From time to time, when space permits, I would like to include a list of telephone numbers of people offering goods or services within the village eg gardening, boiler maintenance, babysitting etc. I am open to any other suggestions as to what else might be included. The format will be name, service offered and phone number. There will not be a charge for being listed but inclusion will be at the Editor's discretion. Do please circulate this to your favourite suppliers and if you would like to nominate someone else for inclusion do please ask them first.

Sunflower Competition Update - Candace Rankin
To date we have 26 entrants (including our cat, Ruth Rankin) committed to growing the regulation sunflower seed into this year's prize winner. We are still happy to allow entrants until Sunday, 18 May. After that date we feel there could be civil strife in the village between those who were at the starting gate in mid April and those who may, have held back too long.

To clarify, the object of the exercise is to grow the plant with the tallest stem (measured from soil to top of flower) . We are not measuring the size of the flower itself but sheer height. We usually have a variety of categories in which you can win, including Mr/Ms Congeniality, youngest/oldest etc. Prizes will be from around the world (K-mart whilst home in the US to see the family this summer!!) and we are hoping for an official Sunflower Cup to be passed from winner to winner annually.

So that you can plan your holidays, we will be having the extravaganza tea on Sunday, 24`h August 2003. Thompson Holidays is bound to see a sharp decline in sales for that week! A word of caution: last year's winner obsequiously offered to water my sunflower whilst we are on holiday and I noted there was a bottle of weed killer in her bag as she made the offer!!!

Marie Curie Cancer Relief Fund - Laurie Jones
I would like to thank the generous residents of Marriott's Close who donated a total of 43.70 to the Marie Curie Cancer Relief Fund in the recent collection. My apologies to the people who were not in on the occasions when I called to collect the envelopes. If you would still like to contribute, please either mail the envelope direct to the MCCRF or drop them in to 17 Marriott's Close for me to pass on.

Coffee Mornings - Jane Wells
The Church coffee morning for May is to be held at the home of Mel and Caroline Scott on Saturday 10 May at 10.30am at Rose Cottage, The High Rd.

The Coffee Morning for June, in aid of the Church Heating Fund, will be held at the home of Bill and Hazel Pearce, Ody House, Pavenham Road on Saturday 7th June at 10.30 am. Home made cakes, toiletries produce and bric a brac for the bring and buy stall will be greatly appreciated. All welcome.

OuseNews is a village publication and anyone is welcome to contribute articles on any topic which may be of interest or stimulate debate. Although most of the items printed are reports of things that happened last month or adverts for things coming up next month I would, as would the readers, appreciate a much wider variety of subjects.

There have been several instances of things going astray. To prevent that recurring I will now send an email by the 28 confirming the items that I have received. If you have sent me something and not received an email by the 29`h please let me know straight away.

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