Display Boards and Posters
for the Launch Exhibition

Display Boards 1 to 3 - Your Views

Display Boards 4 to 6 - Why Plan?

Display Boards 7 to 9 - Next Steps

Display Boards 10 to 12 - Objectives

Objective 1 - Housing

Potential Development Sites

Objective 2 - Infrastructure

Objective 3 - Environment

Objective 4 - Community

Objective 5 - Business & Employment

Objectives - Issues and Actions

Display Board 17 - Have your say!

Display Board 18 - Can you help?


Feedback on the Housing Display


Launch Exhibition

The Neighbourhood Plan gives our parish direct powers to develop a shared vision for our neighbourhood and shape the development and growth of the local area.

Before a Neighbourhood Plan is adopted by our parish it is planned to hold a wide consultation process with parishioners. This process was launched on Friday and Saturday 22 and 23 April 2016 with a Launch Exhibition held in the Village Hall. The event was attended by 196 adult parishioners. On this page we publish details of the event.

In the left hand column are links to the display material used at the event and published below are photographs taken during event. If you were unable to attend you can make your views known by emailing Rosemary Drewery.

Visitors to the Housing display

Luke Gardiner with visitors to the
Business and Employment display

Infrastructure display before and after feedback comments

Visitors viewing the displays

Dave Oliver views the heritage slide show
with a visitor

If you would like to find out more or want to get involved please contact:
Rosemary Drewery:  Tel: 0779296004;  email: Rosemary@madewithlovinghands.com

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