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23 July 2007

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  and Radwell

Click here for Panoramic view of floods January 2003


Link to the Environment Agency website for the actual Readings at Sharnbrook Weir
Currently the assumption is approximately as follows:
River level at Sharnbrook Weir = 0.86M then flooding at Radwell
River level at Sharnbrook Weir = 1.20M then flooding at Felmersham
Observations confirm the correlation is approximately correct to within 25mm (ie 1 inch)

A Typical Example of the River Level Indicator taken from the Environment Agency website.
The graph shows the river levels measured at Sharnbrook Weir from 25th to 30th December 2017


Flooding and the Emergency Services
If you need to call the emergency services during flooding then explain to the dispatcher the situation and advise the emergency team the best route to take. They should know this information but ..................

Access to Felmersham and Radwell during Flooding

Both Felmersham and Radwell flood regularly. At these times there is no access to the parish from the north or from the south.

To avoid the floods when approaching from Bedford take the second exit on the A6 Clapham bypass marked Oakley/Pavenham and follow the signs to Pavenham. In Pavenham turn right at the road junction for Felmersham.

If approaching on the A6 from the north, ignore all the Felmersham and Radwell road signs on the A6. Continue to head south passing through Milton Ernest. Leave the A6 at the slip road immediately prior to joining the dual carriageway of the Clapham bypass. The slip road is signposted Oakley/Clapham/Pavenham. At the mini roundabout on the top of the hill turn right and follow the Oakley and Pavenham signs. In Pavenham turn right at the road junction for Felmersham.

If visiting from the west take the Turvey - Carlton - Felmersham road and not the Harold - Odell road.

 Felmersham Bridge

 Taken from Felmersham Bridge. The raised footpath is on the left.

Taken on the raised footpath looking towards Felmersham Bridge

Flood Depth Gauge
Radwell Floods

The M50 service bus enters the floods at Radwell.

School buses and a van passing through the floods.

The causeway or raised footpath. 28 November 2006
  Early morning mist. October 2007  Photo: Paul Bonas
Felmersham Floods - Easter Holidays 1998 - highest level within recent memory.
The raised path at Felmersham is completely covered with water.
Photographs: Peter Hartop

The floods in 1998 reached the base of the telegraph pole shown on the left
of the picture. The Jubilee lawn was completely covered with flood water.
Photograph: Peter Hartop

Photograph: Celia Hulatt
New Year January 2003.

Jubilee Lawn almost under water
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