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St Mary's churchyard, Felmersham   ► 

This is an interactive Family History Group for people with a family history connection in Felmersham or Radwell. Members of the Group can display (post) family history messages, exchange files, exchange or display images, etc.


(Originally the Felmersham and Radwell Family History Group was hosted by "SmartGroups" but unfortunately SmartGroups closed down on 30 November 2006 and all the postings have disappeared without trace!
This new site is hosted by Yahoo Groups. If you were a member of the original group, I apologise for the inconvenience, but please can you join this group and once again post details of your enquires. If you are a new member - welcome.)

To view the family history group click onto
 Felmersham Family History Group
You can view the messages by clicking onto Messages in the left hand panel

If you wish to post a message then you must become a registered user by completing the registration process. After joining you can post a message by clicking onto Messages > Post in the left hand panel. For security reasons your first message is approved by the moderator and may take a day or two to appear on the site. Remember your logon details for return visits.

 Felmersham Family History Group

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