An angel in the
upper tracery playing a
musical  instrument
St Mary's Church
Felmersham, Bedfordshire

East Window

More on the Well's brothers - "Heroes of the Second World War"

For details on earlier Victorian and Medieval stained glass see
Felmersham - The History of a Riverside Parish

A striking feature of the present-day interior of St Mary’s is the amount of natural light in the building. This is because it was entirely re-glazed in 1951 with antique glass in very light tints, the only exception to this being the east window.
The east window was re-glazed in 1951 at a cost of £1050 and was paid for by Sir Richard and Lady Wells of Felmersham Grange. It was given in memory of their three sons, who gave their lives in the Second World War, and to their nurse.

The artist was Francis Spear and the design consists of a central figure of the risen Christ, to His right stands St Mary and St Christopher and to the left St Thomas and St James. These are shown as the patron and name saints of the three sons and their nurse.
Each son was a member of one of the three services so the artist has included the patron saint of each service in the heraldry below. The traceries are filled with the choir and orchestra of angels praising God with music.
Francis Spear appears to have worked from the 1930s to the 1960s He was a teacher at Central St. Martins from the 1930s-50s succeeding Karl Parsons. His work includes: Glasgow Cathedral - east window (1951); St Martin's South Cliff, Scarborough - west window; St. James' Church, Westgate & Garlinge - east window (1960) and St Bartholomew's Church, Sydenham - east window (1953).
Elements of the east window are shown below.

The East Window


From Left to Right: St Christopher, St Mary, the Risen Christ, St Thomas and St James


 Given to the Glory of God and in
loving memory of three sons & their nurse
by Sir Richard and Lady Wells
This window replaces one in memory of
Thomas Abbot Green,1855
which was damaged in the War of 1939-45

Upper Tracery:
Part of the "Orchestra of Angels"


S. Nicholas Patron of Sailors
In loving memory of
Lieut - Commander
Christopher Hayward Wells R.N.
HMS Glorious 8 June 1940

 S Michael Patron of Airmen
In loving memory of
Sqdn. Ldr. James Michael Well R.A.F.
Holland, 10 May 1940

In loving memory of
Beatrice Mary Chapman
16 June 1944.
Beloved friend and nurse for over 30 years

S. George Patron of Soldiers
In loving memory of
Major Thomas Caper Wells
Beds & Herts Regiment Singapore
- 13 Feb 1942

 For details on earlier Victorian and Medieval stained glass see Felmersham - The History of a Riverside Parish
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