In the early 1900s Felmersham CC was also known as the The Toff Team and they played in the meadow on the Sharnbrook side of the river.
On occasions they were umpired by Squire Green who lived at The Grange. Hence the name Toff.

History of
Felmersham Cricket Club

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Felmersham C C 1991 - First Division
Standing: J Sidebottom (scorer), I Hancock, A Wright, K Bowers, M Morrissey
D Lawson, M Ward, R Cockins
Seated: M Hunt, A Payne, T Longstaff, P Lawson (Capt), D Barker, J Davis, A Hunt

In 1991 the cricket field was sold by auction by the executors of Mrs Mary Hensman's will (Mrs Hensman owned the field). The Cricket Club reach their maximum bid of 24,000 for the field but unfortunately two other parties were also biding. The field was sold to for 31,000. The club continued to use the field but eventually was unable to field a full team so in 2006 they joined with Pavenham to form the Pavenham and Felmersham Cricket Club.

Felmersham Cricket Team, 2003
Standing l to r: S Hopkins, I Outram, M Cook,
N Kitchen, K Bowers, C Broadhurst, D Barford

Sitting l to r: G Hulatt, M Hulatt (Capt)
E Barford (V Capt), M Bennett, B Robinson

Felmersham Cricket Club Pavilion, 1993
 l to r : Terry Longstaff, Bert Cockings.

The Pavilion burnt down in 2004
(possibly an arson attack)
Photo: Paul Davis

Felmersham Cricket Team, Sept 2005
Their last match as Felmersham Cricket Club before merging with Pavenham CC to form Pavenham and Felmersham Cricket Club. The friendly match was played against Pavenham CC on Sunday 18 September 2005.

Felmersham Cricket Team, 1981
Standing l to r: Peter Francis, Mick Hunt, Ian Stringer,
Mark Sidebottom, Rob Payne, Geoff Hulatt
Kneeling l to r: Terry Longstaff, David Barker, Paul Lawson,
George Airton, John Mackenzie.

Felmersham Cricket Club 1928.
Standing: R Lovell, E Foskett (Umpire), C Ward Senr., G Emerton
R Hulatt, S Lovell, J Bamford, G Roast (Scorer).
Seated: R Barker, F Purser, J Hulatt (Vice-Capt.), A Odell (Capt.)
C Ward Jun. (Hon. Treasure), F Hulatt, H Ashpole

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