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Bygone Felmersham and Radwell
A pictorial view of the parish
By Kenneth Shrimpton

This page gives updated information from readers who have contacted the author and other material that has subsequently come to the author's attention.

Figure 5.06 on page 73
School photograph

The photograph in the book is a copy of a newspaper photograph lent by Peter Stringer.

The photograph on the left is a copy of the original school photograph which has not been trimmed down by the newspaper. It was loaned by Denis Bishop of Sharnbrook through his niece, Elaine Boness. Denis has also identified some of the missing students names.

The windows look out onto the church and tithe barn.

Felmersham School Classroom, c1937.

Front Row l to r. Peter Stringer; Don Hulatt; Joyce Gardener; ?; Bernard Boness; Denis Bishop
Centre Row l to r. Norman Burton; Pam Barker; Jean Stringer; Arthur Bishop; Jack Hulatt; ? boy
Back Row l to r. ? boy; Doreen Brown; Denis Turner; Heather Bishop; George Smith; June Barker
Miss Brooks (Teacher)

Section 17. Pinchmill Players Theatre.
There are two figure 17.03!   This duplication has created an indexing error from Figure 17.03 to Figure 17.19 in the Index of Names.
Souldrop not Felmersham
John Edwards of Harrold, formerly of Souldrop rang to say that Figure 6.03. Felmersham United Football Club, c1953 is in fact the Souldrop football team! The footballer named as Freddie Seanold is Freddie Seawold and was a former German prisoner of war who stayed on in Souldrop after the war had finished. John also played for Souldrop but is not in the photograph.
Some More Names
R E Ames formerly of Felmersham and now living in Bedford writes to supply the names of the unknown children in Figure 13.01. May Day photograph taken in The High Road, c1936.

Bernard Boness between J Barker and Rita Ames;    George Smith between Rita Ames and Jean Sayer;
Denis Bishop between Jack Hulatt and Tony Brown;    Mabel Rust between Joyce Gardener and Cynthia Hulatt


Pinchmill School Music Class
Figure 5.00, Page 69.  Helen Rose emails to say that the names of the four pupils are (from left to right):
Richard Foot (violin), Simon North (violin), Sophie Hill (cello) and James Rose (cello).

Some photographs that arrived too late to be included in the book

Felmersham Grange

This photograph was given to me after the book was published. It shows the Grange before it was divided into two dwellings and is a good view of the east end.

George Wells
(One of the 7 Wells brothers, and one daughter,
who served in the Second World War)

In the Second World War George Wells was a medical officer in the Airborne Medical Unit. He is pictured here giving a blood transfusion at the Paratroop Blood Transfusion Group Borino Camp, near Foggia, Italy. 1944 


Harvesting wheat with a Binder,

Unfortunately this photograph from Colin Payne arrived too late to be included in the book. It provides the missing link in the book between a binder being drawn by horses (Figure 8.08 p103) and the first combine harvester used in the parish (Figures 8.12 and 8.13 p104).

The photograph shows from left to right George Band (holding the cutter blade), Peter Cook (sitting on the binder) and Morris Lovell keeping an eye on a young Colin Payne driving the Fordson Standard tractor.


Spring Cottage and East Cottage c1980


Bronze age burials at Radwell

One of the burial monuments at Radwell contained an upturned urn with cremated bone inside. Analysis of the bone showed it was from an adult man and woman. Accompanying the burial was a group of beads made from jet, amber and bone which would have originally made up a necklace. Item 15 is an amber bead and a jet toggle which is actually an ear stud. They were found c1972 and they are on display in The Higgins, Bedford. Details copied from the display information card. See page 191 of Bygone Felmersham and Radwell for more details of the discovery.

Bygone Felmersham and Radwell
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