Village Hall

Committee Room

Kitchen Area
Interior photographs: Keith Rose

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  The Old Road
MK43 7JD

Felmersham and Radwell Village Hall (also known as Pinchmill Hall) is a modern building with the following facilities:
          Large Hall, Committee Room and Kitchen Area, Toilets, Tables and Chairs.

  Hiring Rates  

   Club Sessions
     10.00 for Hall OR Committee room

   Village Standard
     Committee room - 10 per hour
     Hall - 15 per hour
     Hall and Committee room - 20.00 per hour
     Function Rate (8 Hours) Hall and Committee room - 70.00 plus 100 deposit
   Non Village
     Committee room - 15.00 per hour
     Hall - 20.00 per hour
     Hall and Committee room - 25.00 per hour
     Function Rate (8 hours) Hall and Committee room -
                                                               100.00 plus 100.00 deposit

     Tables and chairs are all included in the hiring prices above.
     Kitchen facilities are included when both rooms or committee room is hired.
   Bookings Clerk
     Samantha Bance
01234 782161

      Booking Form

The Village Hall set up for a wedding reception, viewed from each end of the hall.

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