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Community Defibrillator
Bedford Borough Council has approved the listed building consent application for the installation of a community defibrillator unit as the Sun Inn Public House. This follows the successful application to the Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue Service for the supply of a unit. It has now been kindly received from the Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue Service and will be installed in the near future.
Trees and Hedges
Sadly, there is a continuing problem where some Parishioners have let their trees and hedges overhang the footpaths and roadway - this forces pedestrians and vehicles towards the centre of the road in some cases. The Parish Council urges you to keep your trees and hedges maintained in good order for the benefit of highway and footpath users. This would be most appreciated.
Parish Litter
There is a perennial problem in Felmersham Village of litter accumulating on the Jubilee Lawn and this has been subject of complaint again recently. In this regard, a local resident has kindly offered the Parish Council a free litter bin and a local builder had kindly agreed to install the bin. The Parish Council appreciates this kind gesture and is also keen to investigate the installation of a permanent sign at the Jubilee Lawn to encourage greater responsibility for litter clearance.
Despite increased activity by telephone engineers both along the roadside and at the green boxes the high speed broadband service is still not available to order. Bedford Borough Council have reported that there had been issues with getting the fibre into the village but that, hopefully, it should go live between July and September 2017.
Date of next Parish Council Meeting: Tuesday 12 September 2017 at 7.30pm.
Note: The November 2017 meeting will be held on Monday 20 November 2017 [Please note change of date] commencing at 7.30pm.

Janet Barbour

Janet Barbour from Radwell passed away on 8th June 2017. A memorial service was held at St Mary's Church, Felmersham on Tuesday 27th June.

David Smith
David  has passed away and a ceremony to celebrate his life and memory was held on 2 July 2017. The ceremony took place in the Garden Room of the Box Hill Burford Bridge Hotel near Dorking It was well attended by relatives and friends of David.

John MacKenzie
The funeral service for John MacKenzie was held on Tuesday 4th April 2017 in St Mary's Church, Felmersham. The service was followed by cremation. The church was full, with some mourners having to stand at the rear of the church. The service was conducted by Revd Reuben Preston. Born in 1935, John was 82 years old.

Broadband Cabinet Installed

The FTTC Cabinet for the high-speed fibre broadband cable from Sharnbrook Exchange to Felmersham has been installed near the bus shelter. The existing copper cables from the cabinet to the properties in Felmersham and Radwell will still be used. February 2017. (FTTC: Fibre to the cabinet)

New Bus Timetable
There are a few changes to the times of route 50 from Monday 30th January. The most significant are:

The first bus of the day runs 25 minutes earlier on schooldays, serving Felmersham at 06.07 (but remaining at 06.32 on non-schooldays)
The previous 09.08 and 10.08 are brought forward to 08.59 and 09.59 respectively. SJH
Link to the new bus timetable for route 50

Changes to mobile library times
Times of the fortnightly visits of the mobile library will change from the beginning of October. The new time at Felmersham will be 14.20 14.40 and at Radwell 13.50 14.10. Dates are unchanged (Oct. 5th and 19th in Felmersham and Oct. 12th and 26th in Radwell).

Neighbourhood Plan Update
During the spring and summer months the answers and comments to the Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire have been processed. The results will shortly be presented in a graphical format to make them easier to understand.
The results of the Housing Needs Survey conducted by BRCC are are now available, and can be viewed at:

19th Annual Autumn Show and Art Exhibition
Sunday 10th September
2.30 to 4.30 Pinchmill Hall

Click here for Show Schedule

Bin Collection Dates

Local Churches Burgled

During the night of the 7 March 2017 three local churches were burgled (Turvey, Odell and Souldrop). Safes were stolen and valuable silverware taken. Parishioners are asked to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity.

David Stanley Folbigg
A service of thanksgiving was held at St Mary's Church, Felmersham for the life of David Folbigg  on Tuesday 7th March followed by cremation.
Eulogies were delivered by Stephen, David's nephew and Mike Truswell, David's friend. The church was full with many people standing at the rear of the church. The service was conducted by the Rector, the Reverend Reuben Preston.

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